About Karen

Life Dance

I am an Artist and Gardener living in Dyffryn Ardudwy, Wales.

My first love is embroidery – both hand and machine embroidery and I enjoy using a combination of the two to create pictures and panels.

Currently the inspiration for my work derives from symbolism, and is expressed through colour and texture.

The images communicate on a number of levels, and can be regarded as sign posts or affirmations of life’s journey.

Or, simply, interesting art to hang on the wall.

Thank you for visiting my blog, which is an on-line journey about my textile explorations.


3 thoughts on “About Karen

  1. Hi Karen, I’ve just found you via ‘snapdragon’ and your blog /website is wonderful. Such variety in Art and Photography – beautiful. A little query: Can you let me know how you get the copyright watermark on your photos? I’d like to be able to put a copyright on mine, but haven’t seen it used before. Wishing you a very Happy Autumn and days full of creativity. Best wishes. Denise

  2. Don’t try SO hard and before you know it the two, art and your garden will come together. It will just happen. Somehow ‘colour ‘ will let it happen !!!!! It is all there inside you !
    Loved being with you today, Love Peta.

  3. WELCOME BACK !!!!!! You were greatly missed !! And I know you will be greatly happy to be back on line !!! My computer was out for a day ; and I could hardly stand it . How you coped with several weeks off I don’t know !!!! I know your garden enjoyed the break !!!! Love peta

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