Leaves or no Leaves?

I have planned three pieces of work to plop into those frames (I will get the goddesses framed).  This was the starting point for the first piece.


Nice I was happy with it.  Then over the past few evenings I have taken it up to the house and done an hour or so of hand stitching on it.


The piece now has a very different feel because of the strong “journey line” through the centre and I don’t want the leaves to cover up my stitching.

So – there will be no leaves.  I have tried a variety of other “inclusions” on top of the stitching – but none of them speak to me.  So I am contemplating just leaving it as it is and letting the stitching speak for itself.

This is quite strange – as I don’t usually do things in quite such an abstract way ….do I?


Please excuse the colour of the mount board – it is in fact cream – although the rest of the colours are not to bad – I think I forgot to set the “white point” on the camera.

Close up details.




Um –  the focus is not the best it could be, the chiffon and organza layers appear slightly glarey under the flash  of the camera


6 thoughts on “Leaves or no Leaves?

  1. Hi Karen, When you put this up I really loved the leaves and the way they lay on the colour. Now you have taken them away and the colour speaks , then the texture takes you through the piece.Its a different voice entirely, sparer (?)I love the stitching.

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