I have imported my “old blog”

I have imported my old blogger blog into this one – but it is taking me a little while to go through updating the images.

Also – for those who left comments on the blogger blog – the links have not been imported.

I will over the next month or so be transferring the whole lot to a self hosted WordPress blog for more flexibility.

As I am still deciding which template to use:-

Do leave a comment if your preference is black background / white writing (like this and my older blogger one – I think it shows off the images better)

Or white background and black writing – the same format as my Artist’s Garden

Don’t lurk let me know what your preference is


8 thoughts on “I have imported my “old blog”

  1. well i find black text on white easier to read, but not so much that i dont read white on black 🙂 i think it should be what you prefer.

  2. White writing on a black background. I prefer to see your images on a black background. It lends them more gravitas. Is that how you spell it or even the right word?

  3. Well I like my textile images against a black background – but I prefer to read black writing on a white background – so that is my dilemma but as I dont do much writing on this blog …. I just thought I would throw it out there and see what came back!

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