Well …

Well – I feel that I have spent enough time on this piece – not one of my better ones, now to decide:-

1) Plop in ready made frame

2) Have it framed.

Decisions, decisions!


Your comments are invited and welcome.

Click on image for a larger view.


5 thoughts on “Well …

  1. I would have a frame made- it needs something that won’t draw the eye away from the central figure-which does stand out nicely now and looks like she is sleeping on a bed of flowers- very Jungian! yet the tree to the right as I look at it appears somewhat menacing and could almost creep it’s tentacles out towards her to interrupt her sleep? A little like sleeping beauty really?

    anyway- get a fame made that does it justice- I think it is a wonderful piece!

  2. Much better. She has a serene expression on her face. I love the tree to the right. Almost prehistoric. I’ll leave the framing debate to the rest.

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