Dobby may have thought that my sleeping figure looked like a “Duck billed Platypus” I just thought she didn’t show up too well – so have spent a while messing around.

Covered her with dark fabric – then ripped it off

Machine stitched in a darker colour – then un-picked it

(you get the picture).

Anyway this afternoon she got a coat of dye – so she does show up against the background but possibly looks more like a large boulder than a sleeping figure – (sigh) Tomorrow I will give her some eyes …. maybe (big sigh)


7 thoughts on “Grrrr

  1. I can see her now! I’m sorry if she took offence to my comment. When I saw her in “real life” on Sunday, it was still difficult for me to make her out, but she shows herself for the wonderfull creature she is now. I’m sure you will work it out. I have faith, and you know my imagination works in a different way to most peoples!

  2. Karen, thanks for your comments on my blog. Your work is beautiful. I used to do some similar sewing many years ago at college, so looking at yours makes me want to have another go sometime.
    Have a good week-end.
    Maureen ๐Ÿ™‚

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