Artist’s Friend


All artists need a friend who they can turn to for a critique of their work.  A friend who will say more than “Oh that’s lovely”.

When I lived down south – my Artist’s friend was Linda – but now we live 100’s of miles apart.  Although we still communicate about our work – it is not the same as being able to physically see the work and each other.

I have however, discovered a new “Artist’s friend” who has a creative eye and a good sense of what works and what doesn’t.

With this in mind – I took the “margarine goddess” (previous post) around to her house earlier in the week.

Unfortunately – (or fortunately) my friend told me what I knew in my heart of hearts – but what was reluctant to admit to myself.

She said;-

“Karen the piece is lovely – but you cannot put it in that frame – it needs to be properly framed, with at least a triple mount”

I knew that.  I knew that the piece was worthy of spending a bit of money on the frame to make it look a million dollars, but I had got myself into the mind set of doing pieces to fit frames I all-ready had.

It is not the first time this has happened, the framing bill for artists is a nightmare – you create the work, then get it framed, and then you may or may not sell it.  This means you have very expensive “frames” sitting around the studio – which you have paid for.

Periodically I try selling work that is not framed, but a lot of people get concerned about the dust on unframed textiles or they don’t feel that they are buying “art” if it is not framed in a traditional manner.

Then – I make the mistake of seeing some reasonably priced, nicely made frames and buy them thinking – “Oh I can make something that will fit in that” and for some reason this rarely works.

Good framing makes a deal of difference. Good framing is when the textile and the frame work as one cohesive piece of art.

So am glad my friend told me the truth – and I envy my framer when I come to pay my  bill for this batch of work.

The image above is a detail from another piece ….. that might fit in the now empty frame!


9 thoughts on “Artist’s Friend

  1. Ok,I’m putting my head above the parapet again. I see a duck billed platypuss!! I think that I must have inherited mums imagination. Remember Celia’s Cat you did in 1987?
    Sorry I haven’t a better eye for framing, but I do agree that pieces ought to be framed.

  2. O the dreadful framing bill! I speak as one who has decided to focus on large pieces of work- which of course wont sell- for a show later in the year. Result bills now, and more bills now. Work looks good tho!!!!

  3. The little extra you pay now will be returned in full and more !!!! It would have been like putting an ugly dress on a pretty body !!! Loving Google;Loving Word ; and everything else you have taught me !!!!!!!

  4. My Mum gets all her paintings framed by a guy in Cricceth, maybe you should talk to her, I cant see she would go all that way, unless it was reasonable.
    The piece is better in real life with the petals around her, or did I see her after you took this picture?

  5. I have recently become reacquainted with such a friend, and I know what you mean: it is terribly important! My dh is pretty good in a pinch, but my artist friend is the best! And about the framing…..don’t get me started. The cost is prohibitive, and some framers just don’t ‘get it’ in my humble opinion. But a good framer can really make a difference!!
    Great to hear from you!


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