Confusion ….


Sometimes there comes a point where confusion and chaos reign – as they did to-day in the studio.

The piece of work looks (as it often does at this stage) like it maybe going nowhere fast.

My studio looks like a volcano has errupted spewing out fabric, paper and thread everywhere.

I knew it was time to




… When I found myself cutting thread with a stanley knife!

(As I haven’t seen my embroidery scissors for a few days now)

(For those who mentioned how nice that little deer was on yesterdays post – I have left a link to the artist in the comments).

6 thoughts on “Confusion ….

  1. You know you will feel better once you have tidied it just a bit. Not too much though or it won’t feel like your studio. Have you found the scissors?

  2. Hi Karen, I’ve been fascinated by your work in the last few posts, especially I like the window idea. I’ve tagged you with an award over on my blog, so do pop over to see. Hope all is well. Happy days. Denise

  3. Dobby, Marion, Linda, Joey and Denise thanks for visiting.
    I have now had a bit of a tidy up and found my scissors, well quite a few pairs actually 🙂

    (including last years blunt ones Linda!)

    Denise – thanks so much for the award – I will be over to take a look – much appreciated.

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