No Snow in my Studio!

I  finished yesterdays piece to my satisfaction – I will have to give more thought on the “how to do it” before I embark on a bigger version.  If you want to see a detail, it is posted on my daily image blog “The Turning Year”.

So moving on.  The next piece has to fit in a frame which I all-ready have.  I don’t really like doing work to fit the frame – but sometimes needs must.  I have forgotten to note down the dimensions of the frame and will add these at a later stage.

When I do quick designs for a piece of work, I have a crayon that has multi-coloured lead, this is so useful as I feel it represents the colour change in embroidery threads really well.


The next stage was to make the ground fabric.  Currently I am using quite a complex layering method to make a background. Using fabric, paper, tissue, stamping, glue, dye, and felt.


This ground fabric will be covered with organza and sheers, painted bondaweb and stitchdetail

The result is a textile which will have (fingers crossed) a depth and richness.

My goddess has made a welcome return – although in this piece she will be in a garden.


4 thoughts on “No Snow in my Studio!

  1. All that layering sounds very complicated. I love the end results though. I like threadspider love the hare & deer, though the hare has a slight lead in my heart.

  2. I like the textures in the background Karen, and the deer and the hare are welcome guests in the frame! The goddess is lovely to see in these grim dark days.

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