In the Studio … again

Well January was rather a wipe out for me – but back in the studio again now, determined to finish the little piece that I had started in my last post.

This small piece is a “test” piece for a larger piece of work – in terms of technical “how to”.  I want to do a picture where you “look through doors” to a glimpsed view and here is how today went.


Not enough “view” the doors are too closed.


Too much view – the doors are too open.

TO get the “foreshortened view” that I was after was proving a bit problematic, as doors and the image were made from one piece of fabric.  Next step – cut the doors off! (eeeek)


(This would be why I subtitle any workshops I teach “Destroy to Create)

Ummmm – not sure – place the doors back in, but tucked behind the ground fabric, which makes them smaller – and gives a view of the image behind. After rather a lot of un-picking of stitching ….


I think I will sleep on it.

3 thoughts on “In the Studio … again

  1. I got to the third picture and thought “why doesn’t she make the doors smaller to get the right perspective?” Oh dear, that is me being logical again! Love the idea. Keep at it.

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