Back in the Studio


When I walked into the studio this morning – this was the sight that greeted me – and it was like this all over!

Very very messy! Just before Christmas I had made some broaches for family and friends – and it seemed to involve rummaging through an awful lot of my “stash” to find the right bits of fabric. I haven’t been in there for the past two weeks – so to-day was spent tidying up and sorting out.  For a view of my other desk,  now its tidy click here!

I have lost my place a little bit – as the momentum that I had before Christmas has dissipated somewhat – but it will return.


Happy New Year Everyone – may it be filled with wonderful creativeness

5 thoughts on “Back in the Studio

  1. A good tidy up is always a good thing. Makes you feel uplifted somehow. Then you promise to keep it tidy, but a few days later, the old mess is back! A bit like ironing. I get to the bottom of the pile, think I will keep it like that, but it never happens!

  2. Happy New Year to you! I am very glad you are back on the blog and look forward to seeing your creations for 2009. I was delighted to see your studio in a mess – it made me feel quite justified in the chaos I encountered in mine today!! Very glad to see you lovely tidy room in the second photo. I have tidied up and done a little sewing work in a rather sluggish post Christmas way! Happy 2009 to you! Denise

  3. Happy new year and don’t worry about making a mess – it means you are being creative and that’s what we want.

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