For a good cause.

One of my “Garden blogging” friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, her blog “The Journey” is an account of how she is dealing with the cancer, and the treatment.  By way of a thank you, Zoe has decided to raise money for Macmillan, and she is doing this on a new blog – called Christmas Greetings.  Zoe is writing a daily series of posts revolving around Christmas and the Winter Solstice.  To tempt you to make a donation, she is also giving away a signed copy of Sarah Raven’s Complete  Christmas.

I made this piece to-day, which I am sending to Zoe – so that she can give it away on her blog. After I did it I thought perhaps I should have done something “Christmasy” to remain in keeping with her Christmas Greetings, but for some reason – my work seems quite summery at the moment.

If you get a chance do pop along to Zoe’s site, she is an interesting writer and it is well worth visiting any / all of her blogs.

Who knows – if you donate – you may be the lucky winner of Sarah Ravens book.


handmade paper, silk paper, machine embroidery, organza flowers.

2 thoughts on “For a good cause.

  1. Karen,

    I wanted to pop over here to tell you how excited I am to have won your work! Really! I hadn’t any idea that there was an incentive to donate but what a treat to win! I’ve told Zoe that I have the perfect spot in my office; there I can see it and think fondly of you both. Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday! Gail

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