8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 19th November 2008

  1. Hi
    Keep them coming – your back in the swing.
    Thanks for your blog comment. the shell piece is almost finished.

  2. Thank you Threadspider, Dobby and Shirly.

    The leaves are made of organza layers and free machine embroidery – I meant to make silk paper leaves – the silk paper I made was quite thick – but I intend to make some thinner ones for cutting out shapes.

  3. I am so lacking in artistic skills! My gardening may be my way of expressing art, but it tends to be hodge podge, and may not seem artistic to others, but I guess not all art appeals to all people. You are fortunate to have both gardening and artistic skills. I think this piece is my favorite of the ones on this page. I like that sun, too.

  4. I love the composition.
    There is a feeling of “rightness” about it.
    so, for me it “feels” right, and has yet the hand, too… free and yet with order
    Like a haiku
    in mixed media

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