6 thoughts on “Summers End …

  1. Hi
    What summer???
    When I am in a hurry for silk paper to dry , I use a hair dryer to speed things up.
    Are the backgrounds to your posts digit creations or photographed paper and then digitally added to?
    They are very effective, love them.
    Look forward to your next piece.

  2. What a wonderful and rich day in the studio you have had. I love your words, the way you dive into your feelings and your art, and definitely your colors! Just lovely. As you struggle with your passion for the garden and textiles and how to combine them I struggle with my love of drawing and painting nature, and my love of abstract art. And textures! Thank you for sharing this incredible post! Roxanne

  3. Shirley, Ro and Roxanne –
    Thanks for taking the time to leave such positive comments. They give me a much needed boost.
    Shirley – if the tag is Digital journal – it means I have scanned my original embroidery or background I have made – and then added the text and/or imagery in photoshop.

    Ro – delighted you stopped by I am a big admirer of your work.

    Roxanne – it is difficult to balance our passions!

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