The Colours of Autumn …


My first complete day in the studio for months!

The “Fabric” that I scanned and used as a background for my digital journal entry on the previous post has been cut up, layered, bonded and stitched and now looks like this.

I have been inspired by the lovely sunshine and Autumn colours, that we have had over the past couple of weeks.


I enjoy how the leaves collect in corners of the garden. Layers of colours and textures, crisp edges and decay.


I also enjoy the rhythm of hand stitching – all in all a gentle way to re-engage with the studio.

5 thoughts on “The Colours of Autumn …

  1. i enjoy the rhythm of handstitching too – as long as i can force myself to start. beautiful autumn colours – not part of my daily experience here – but i am longing to experience a proper autumn one day….

    Hi Paula – thanks for visiting – I had forgotten that you live “down under”. I hope you do get to experience a “proper autumn” one day – it can be beautiful …. when it doesn’t rain 🙂

  2. I’d love a bed set, (brushed cotten for the cold), in those colours. They would make you feel lovely and warm, and the cat hairs wouldn’t show!!

    Thanks Dobby 🙂

  3. Wow; Who says you cannot combine the garden and it’s colours with your art work ??!!!!!!
    XX Peta.

    Peta – thanks for your comment – it mean a lot to me.

  4. I too experience similar creative blocks and longings.
    Nature is so overwhelming in its vast beauty…it is like being hit by a tidal wave of stimulation and possiblility. Focusing becomes impossible.
    Your colors and textures in the last post are very much evocative of the season! I think you do have the garden in there!

    Hi Lila – and thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment. Nature is indeed so overwhelming – you put it so well. I do think that for me the colours of autumn are quite inspiring.

  5. Your papers are wonderfully organic and textural. I enjoy handstitching as a form of meditation. It is relaxing and keeps the lore of sewing alive.

    Are you using encaustic or wax here?


    Hi Andrea – and thanks for visiting. No I don’t use encaustic or wax – the “fabric” is built up with layers of tissue and fabric – and painted with dye – but funny you should mention that because I was reading an article about it just recently and thought it looked such an interesting way to add depth.

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