Journal entry 23/10/2008

I find it strange that as a passionate gardener – my art life does not reflect this.  I have in front of me every day wonderful things to draw and inspire me – and yet …. somehow – I cannot translate the garden into art.  It is a frustration at the moment because I feel I am missing an opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. Have you thought of drying and pressing some of the garden flowers and leaves and incorporate them into the textile art.
    When they are dry or pressed they will take paint too.
    Just a thought!
    I struggle every time I want to start a new piece. Too many choices and difficult to decide. Takes longer to design because of this than it does to create the piece.

    I know what you mean – once I have the direction of the new piece it is OK – it is trying to decide what I want to say – or, worst of all – feeling I have nothing to say! 😉

  2. PS – Which font are you using or do you write it yourself with either the mouse or graphic pen and tablet??

  3. Why do you need to incorporate the two? I quiet like your dual personality. Yes take inspiration from the garden, which I believe you do, but one does not have to be a mirror image of the other.

    I think it is about balance Dobby – I wish I had time to do BOTH not one or the other 🙂

  4. I know how you feel about incorporating our love of nature with our love of fiber. I am doing a lot of discharging using leaves and ferns. I was almost hysterical yesterday afternoon when I went out to pick a branch off of my favorite sumac, in hopes of using its lovely leaves for discharging: the leaves have all shriveled up with our most recent cold snap! Now I have to wait a good six months for them to return! I’ve photographed the leaves, made stencils of them, and will now try to thermofax them. If all else fails, I’ll just have to move south where there is no change of seasons! LOL

    Hope your struggle yields great fruits!

    Warm Hugs,

    Lovely to hear from you Judy – the sumac leaves to have such great form – so I can understand your frustration at having to wait 🙂

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