16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I feel maybe my comments are a bit late because the sun is now out and shinning. Is that what the totem was suppose to bring on? P

  2. Your work on Seth altered page is simply amazing… I love it… thanks for sharing it with everyone…

  3. Your textile pieces are incredible, I love the work you chose for Seth’s “Playing Favorites!” and have now discovered Karens Studio. Very beautiful colors, textures and fabric/woven collages. I will visit you again! Roxanne

  4. As always I really enjoyed my visit – love the colours and stitching on this piece. Never had the experience myself but I suppose becoming a mother-in-law is a real milestone and therefore has to take some getting used to!

  5. Ya, wordless is right Karen! I’m rendered speechless!

    Ok, almost speechless. Love the coloring & texture here! Oo la la!

    Stopping in to let you know we have a new button for The Pink Artist drawing. Come by, the official post is up with all the details. Mark those calendars! Aug 1- Oct 15, 2008 is going to be one huge blog party!!!

    Xciting! Thanks for helping to make our project such a phenomenal success!

    Happy Summer, Monica 🙂

  6. Hi there Karen! This is my first visit (via Shirley’s blog) and I have to tell you – I love your stuff!! And this sun totem is just gorgeous!

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