Stressed today!

I am setting up an ETSY shop for Giclee Prints of my work.

In the past I have had giclees professionally printed of some of my embroideries. They generally tended to be steady little sellers at exhibitions and fairs. However now that I am not out at shows any more – I thought that ETSY would be the way to go.

It took me half a day to get one picture up there! Not because it is hard – far from it – really the whole process seems quite straightforward. I think I was stressing too much over whether the colour reproduction of the photo was accurate and trying to get the text correct.

Phew – well one up 4 to go! Anyway I wont direct you to my ETSY shop just yet -because “Cherry Toes” is the only thing there – but I will put a link up when I get it all sorted.

4 thoughts on “Sress!!

  1. Hi
    Hope you are de-stressed now.
    Love ‘Cherry toes’.
    What are giclees? Seenthe word quite a lot but don’t know what they are.

  2. Oh Karen I so sympathise. It took me for ever to put up 2 pics of my work, work out the blurb, and sort out the close ups, I think I’m just a bit lazy or something , but I never got any further than those 2 🙂
    Love ‘cherry toes’!

  3. Congrats on setting up a shop! I can’t say that things will go easily now that you one started, but the stress will lessen. Lovely blog!

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