What I did Next


Printed image and “shrinked” image

For my three girl-friends here in Wales – I decided that although they had their own doll – they could also have smaller versions of their two friends to hang on the Christmas Tree!

(Although one of my friends has such a tasteful Christmas tree – her decorations did not make it onto the tree!)

So I photographed the finished doll. and printed it onto “shrink paper” for an ink jet printer.
After a few trial and errors – I printed the image nearly the full size of an A4 paper, and as you can see from above – I really lightened the colour – because during the heating process the colours darken.

Close up of the Christmas Decoration!
Size approx 3 ins high

The images shrink a lot during the two minutes that you heat them in the oven. I also discovered that they don’t shrink evenly – so if I printed figures sideways (landscape) on an A4 sheet – they turned out small – but slim!

However portrait I could do bigger figures – but they were slightly “well rounded”

Anyway – it was fun and I have wanted to try shrink plastic/paper for the inkjet printer for ages.

4 thoughts on “What I did Next

  1. I don’t know about this shrink paper…….hmmm, have you gotten me addicted to something new? LOL Do you think I can buy it here in the States?

  2. Hi Karen
    Don’t forget – if you want a hole for hanging or for stitching onto a piece to put them in before shrinking it.
    I have used it to make small accents to apply to pieces and dangling things for tassels. It makes nice buttons too.

  3. Hi Honey,
    Hope you are feeling up to this, because you really do deserve this:
    You have received a “You Make My Day” award from me. Please check my blog for details.


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