Happy New Year to you all

Happy New Year to you all. I apologise for not blogging for ages – there were two reasons for this.

The first was the dreaded vertigo – which – fingers crossed, for the most part is better.
I have been seeing the osteopath, and she has really helped however the process of recovering from the vertigo gave me a very uncomfortable back – so I could only be in the studio for short bursts of time!

The other reason is that I was making “art dolls” as Christmas presents and for the PIF exchange and I did not want to post pictures until I was sure that all of those dolls were in their new homes!

They did prove to be slightly more time consuming than I first thought – although they were not really very complicated – just fiddly. The hardest part was turning the doll right side out.

However – they were a joy to make!

I will post more pictures over the next couple of days – as they are not all in the “group photo”

Here are links to two more fun tutorials on art-e-zine;- for making this type of doll which caught my eye when I was first thinking about making “fairies” for my friends Christmas Trees.



One of my resolutions this year is to try and stay on top of “paperwork”. I seem to have half a Brazilian Rain forest of papers and “stuff” to sort out. (I think I say that every year) So no studio time for me until I have made some inroads into my paper mountain.

So I wish you all a wonderful 2008, thank you all for visiting my blog and all your comments and e-mails.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year to you all

  1. Hi Karen
    Glad your back and feeling better.
    If the paperwork isn’t urgent don’t spend too much time doing it – set small targets in between being creative but be creative first. Then you can show us your lovely work. You can’r show us paperwork!!!

  2. I saw samples of your Art Dolls and thought they were the most fun gifts that I have ever seen – and it was nice to meet you at last

  3. Hi Karen
    Love the montage, it really made me laugh!
    I agree with Shirley re the paperwork, don’t give up the creative fun whatever the reason.
    These dolls are really fun to make aren’t they , but you’re right about turning them through, you do have to be very careful not to dislodge all the goodies on the right side.
    Hope the vertigo continues to improve and your back gets better.

  4. I love my little dancing dolly and feel so honored to have been a recipient! 😉
    So glad you continue to feel better!
    Take care, get that mountain flattened out, and then get back in the studio!
    Warm hugs,

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