How lovely is this?

How lovely is this?


This is a detail of the canvas I received to-day from Mercedes Jiminez
via the art-e-zine 8 x 8 canvas swap. Unfortunately the light had gone when I tried to photograph it – but it is a lovely mixed media collage and I am delighted.

If you would like to see all the art made for this swap it can be found on the art-e-zine site here, but it is a big page – so is most suited to a broadband Internet connection.

4 thoughts on “How lovely is this?

  1. What a beautiful piece, art-e-zine is a great site ,I just never seem to have enough time to go and look properly at the moment, too much blogging LOL, I will drop back on Mercedes Jiminez her work looks very interesting.

  2. Thanks so much Karen, about your post on my collage. Really I enjoyed so much with it that I did other for me. NOw is hanging in one the wall of my attic with others collage. I like the idea of ” Collages corner “
    Thanks for the other comments girls. Just go to my blog when you want.

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