Listen to Your Muse

This is the canvas that I made for the 8 x 8 inch canvas swap on art-e-zine. Generously hosted by Christine (her blog is here)

It is the first swap I have taken part in – partly because I had the time available to do it. And because of the format – I love the 8 x 8 format – large enough to do some interesting work, and small enough to post to America. Also it was “a favourite technique” Obviously I used free machine embroidery, with hand stitching, done on layers of organza. So now I wait patiently for a canvas to be sent to me from America.

I am doing things in the studio – if somewhat slowly – without moving my head – or bending down – but it is not stuff that I can post about just yet.

5 thoughts on “Listen to Your Muse

  1. Hi
    Glad to see you defying the vertigo and managing to do some work.
    Lovely delicate piece – I presume it is 8×8 inches.
    Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hi Karen
    Good to hear your managing to get some studio time.

    The canvas is lovely,beautiful colour harmonies and the figure has a calming, meditative quality.

    Hope you recover soon.

  3. Karen: Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am glad it led me to yours. This canvas is beautiful…great colors, texture and movement in the piece. Seth

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