Jeans Finished Work

Jean popped in to see me to-day – to see how I was doing with the vertigo – and to show me her finished piece of work.


This is a close up – I particularly like what she has done at the bottom with the machine wrapped cord couched down to form the sea. Also overlaying the organza to trap the pearls and shells. It is lovely to see finished pieces of work and I was pleased she came to show me.

I managed a couple of hours in the studio to-day and I am quietly happy with the progress I made on my canvas for the canvas swap – but I probably wont post any pictures of it until it has been received by who ever gets it! – Well maybe tomorrow I will post a little corner for you to peep at!


One thought on “Jeans Finished Work

  1. oooooooh, that is a lovely piece! it just makes my heart sing!! I appreciate that you call attention to particular areas of the pics that you post, because sometimes it is difficult to really see and comprehend unless they are pointed out…does that make sense or am I sounding sillier than usual? duhhhhhh!!!

    hope you continue to feel better!


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