My New Baby! Pfaff 2058

I have a new sewing machine!

I have only played with it for a few hours to-day so I don’t really know what it is capable of yet. It is taking a bit of getting used too!

So far so good.

Because it has more electronics; it is a bit strange; in that I can not sit down and just do “free machine embroidery”.

There are a few start up screens to go through and a lot of “touch screen” – bit like trying to get money out of the hole in the wall at the bank!

It did however, stitch very nicely through layers of fabrics and wool with a nice even stitch and it purrs along – unlike my old machine which in the last year has started to sound very clunky indeed.

My last machine was also a Pfaff – and I am quite surprised that I bought another one – as all my stitching life I wanted to be the proud owner of a Bernina!

I also knew – that at this point, I did not want a machine that connects to my computer – (although I am tempted) but I have a Mac – and I think that all the current “embroidery” machines connect to PC’s which would of meant buying a PC as well as a sewing machine. My views about PC’s are not repeatable – I love my Mac.

I got my machine through
I spoke with Russell there who was brilliantly helpful. If you want to buy a brand of sewing machine they deal with – then I recommend them.

I will let you know how I get on with my new machine. I will keep my old machine for back up,
but I am now thinking of turning my very old machine (an elna) into an embelisher as I wont need it for back up.

If anyone has done this to one of their old machines – I would welcome your comments

13 thoughts on “My New Baby! Pfaff 2058

  1. Yippee!! I am sooo…. happy to have found another Mac user who’s views on PC’s are, as mine, too rude to print! I had a PC for a while for work and i HATED it. I’m now the proud owner of a 20″ Imac, a generous xmas present from my hubby! Her name is ‘Bella!’
    What a beautiful new machine. I’ll be very interested to see how you get on with it, as I’m looking to upgrade my trusty Bernina 1130, but have heard bad reports about their aftercare from a local dealer who favours Janome. I’ve no experience of Pfaff at all!
    Many thanks for taking time to comment on my blog.

  2. Karen,

    I don’t sew – that’s my lovely wife’s obsession, and I think there may be a 2058 in her future for Christmas.

    I do play computers with a Mac and have for years. I’m a lawyer by profession and a “Ham” radio operator by hobby who unfortunately needs a few Wintel-PC programs for professional purposes.

    SOLUTION: Try a new Mac Intel Core 2 Duo machine using ‘Parallels Desktop’ to run Microsoft XP Pro (I don’t trust Vista yet). It’s fast, easy and ought to run your 2058 interface software very well indeed!

    Good luck!

    N K McKeown
    Ohio, USA

  3. OK…now you’ve had your new “baby” for several months. What do you think?? I am in the market for a new machine….my old Viking 6360 is sick and they don’t make parts anymore. 😦 I’m just starting to explore what’s out there and what brands of “today” are the best. It sounds like this is a machine to consider. One question…where are they price wise. I’ve been doing quite a bit if internet research, but finding prices on different brands and models is hard! Any input would be great. Thanks.

  4. Hi anonymous,

    If you want to e-mail me and let me know what type of thing you do – I will e-mail you back with more about the 2058.

    It is near the top of the price range of non computerized sewing machines

  5. Hi Karen,

    Funny I found your blog searching for the Pfaff 2058… I purchased mine last October-November ’07, as well. I have only used Macs (graphic designer), and you can figure what I think about Microsoft and PC’s… And I also have 2 old Elnas — the first Elna ever manufactured, and the Air Electronic from 1978.

    I had a difficult time choosing between the Bernina 450 and the Pfaff 2058, and the Bernina was much more similar to my Elna (Swiss design — intuitive and lovely). But despite the fact that I am a fashion sewer who has not used decorative stitches ever, I went with the Pfaff b/c of its lovely buttonholes and stitches due to the 9mm design. I, too, always assumed I’d purchase Bernina, but the big hole (port) in the side of the Bernina 450 really bothered me, as I knew it would never be used…

    Back to the Pfaff: I find it unintuitive to thread or to wind bobbins compared to my old Elna and the screens seem to require rote memorization to learn where features are, but so far, the capability and output are superior to my Elna…

    Please let me know if you have any insights!

  6. Hi Ancient Elna

    My first machine was an elna – how I loved that machine – if you e-mail me I will let you know how I am getting on.

    I agree about the bobbin winding – it is the thing I dislike most about the machine.

    But I do like the quality of the stitching
    Thanks for taking time to leave a comment

  7. I am awaiting delivery of my Pfaff Performance 2058. It is two days late so far. I am nervous about spending so much money on a sewing machine! I like to sew clothing and also quilts. The last two years I’ve made 20 or more small quilts. I plan on purchasing the stitch regulator as well. My 30 year old Riccar giving me lots of problems, so I am looking forward to a good new machine. I would love to hear back from you. Sally in California USA

  8. Hi Sally
    Just a quick note to say thank you for stopping by – I hope by now your machine has arrived – I expect you will find it very different from your old one – just take it slowly and enjoy it.
    Kind regards

  9. I picked it up last night! I think it took me about an hour to figure out how to wind the bobbin and thread it! After that it went pretty smooth. There is a lot to learn. Thanks for the advice to take it slow and enjoy. This machine should be a part of our household for a very long time! I’ve had my Riccar sewing machine for 30 years, and plan on keep it for a back up.

    I have two quilt projects that need to be done be the first week in April, so hopefully I’ll be a quick learner. Sally

  10. Hi fellow mac evangelist!
    Not sure what kind of mac you use, but if you use an intel based mac, you can install windows on on it (boot in both windows or mac) . I too use the PFAFF (moved from bernina and couldn’t be happier—Pfaff is just more versatile then bernina and they look better! )

    I use the windows on my mac to create the embroidery files— so dont be afraid of windows- its easier and faster on a mac! who knew?!

  11. Hi, I am presently deciding on a studio buddy to my Bernina 930. I want to move in to this new year, and while I love my 930…I would love to treat myself to another machine. From my research, this model may be what I am looking for…I am really just a strait sewer, not into embroidery too much.

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