Machine Embroidery Class

Click on images for larger picture.

Today was the first session of Machine Embroidery for Beginners, and we were a very select group of 6;- plus me!

This was ideal as it meant we all had enough time.

For some reason – blogger wont let me post all my pictures tonight – so here are some of the samples done in class today. More tomorrow.

This are samples from the first exercise – simply using straight stitching over layers of threads and fabrics.

I enjoyed to-day. The group was humorous and hard working – a lovely combination!

6 thoughts on “Machine Embroidery Class

  1. I had a lurrvely day but my machine didn’t like a lot of the fancy threads. Do I use an older machine or buy a new one like Karen wants to? Mmmmmm I’ll take the cheaper route and use my old one.
    Luvs ya Denice

  2. Hi karen.Has the material got a pattern before they begin? Can you take a picture of before and after so we can see what they have done?
    I hope you havent been working too hard.
    Love P

  3. Thanks for all your comments.
    Denice – Try the older machine.
    P. The fabric was patterned – but the pattern was ignored – just overlaid with threads and fabrics to get an interesting texture.
    Judy more pics when blogger co-operates.
    Linda – they were very keen.

  4. Karen , I’m glad your embroidery class went well. However I cant help feeling a little sad that you have to divert your time to teaching away from producing. I realise you need time away from being creative but it needs to be somewhat stress free like your gardening work , not highly stressful like setting up and running a course for beginners.

    I guess if you keep running classes it will get less stressful as you do fewer things first time. I do hope you are keeping records of your major pieces and who now owns them. I hope you can pass down these records to the BBC antiques roads show for safekeeping. In 100 years these records will be important.

    an admirer of your work

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