A Travelling Sketchbook

A Travelling Sketchbook

This is one of a pair of books that Linda Chilton and I exchange every couple of months.

Actually – the books themselves are so heavy and precious now – that we just exchange four pages at a time.

Linda and I have been friends, and artist colleagues for the past 20 + + years. However in July 2005 as we were both moving away from the area that we lived – we decided to keep in touch via sketchbooks.

Linda is the person I turned too whenever I was having artist “collie-wobbles” and these books have been a wonderful way to explore new directions, and still get frank feedback from a trusted friend.

Experiments with Tyvek

4 thoughts on “A Travelling Sketchbook

  1. This is a beautiful page. I love the colors, the simplicity of the design, and the placement of the beads. Very nice piece.

    Cory from Arizona

  2. Thanks for the comments Corie, and Judy, I am not sure I like working with Tyvek – I have been trying it on and off for about 5 years – and am never very happy with the results!

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