Craft Fair Weekend


Our village Craft Fair this weekend. And I am amazed at the number of people who visited it to-day. There were people coming in through the door all day – apart from a lull at lunchtime!

Our little hall was full for most of the day.


My stand was next to two lovely ladies Suzie, reading “Stitch” Magazine, and Jane, working on a quilt. I have to say – the picture does not do them justice

Jane runs a patchwork and quilting shop – so I was gazing at wonderful fat quarters of fabric all day . Jane’s shop is in the Coris Craft Centre
Visit her web site for more info

It was a good day we have such a wealth of talent in our local area – and I was happy as I sold some jewellery!

5 thoughts on “Craft Fair Weekend

  1. Hi karen, glad to see that the craft fair went well, its amazing as you say, the creative people who emerge around you. I met someone yesterday who had done srtin action ages ago.Great to sell jewelry Linda

  2. Karen , really interesting photos of your village craft fair. Glad you sold some of your jewellery – hopefully not too cheaply. And yes , not very flattering photos of your fellow stall holders.

    keep blogging and keep putting up your photos that make your blog too good.

  3. I would just like to state that Karens stall was by far the most proffesionally turned oit -( Say last word using plum in mouth!)I was very impressed and proud that she even talks to me. Only joking sweetie, I love you loads. Denice

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