Lovely day to-day. Denice took me out shopping and this is what we bought!

We got up and eight – and drove to Mostyn about 2 hours from where we live to visit a shop called Abakhan. I didn’t know this shop existed in Wales and I was in heaven – fabric heaven, well fabric and trimmings and papers and threads …..

You get the picture. One thing that I found really strange was they have big baskets of remnants – you pick your pieces of fabric – and they are priced by the weight!

For example – I use a lot of velvet in my Textile jewellery – so I rummaged through the velvet remnant basket picked out pieces in various sizes that caught my eye; they were weighed and I paid – like shopping for I don’t know – fruit and veg – it was quite cool really – as I made some quite creative choices with colour and pattern – especially with the organza. Usually I just buy a metre each of 6 or 7 plain colours – today I bought patterns.

Denice is a patch worker – so she got lots of cottons. She also teaches class – so some of the things she bought are for other patch workers.

Great day.

(I will be playing in the studio tomorrow!)

5 thoughts on “Opps!

  1. Isn’t Abakhan wonderful? It’s far too close to me and I spend far too much money there I’m afraid. i’ve just come from your website now and find it very inspiring.

  2. I am so jealous, I used to frequent Abakhan Manchester before I moved to Canada 14 years ago ( I even visited the store in Wales once) There stores are fabulous for crafters finds. I wish we had something like that here. I do make that my fist stop when I visit Manchester.
    Hope you enjoy your stash, I enjoyed visiting your page.


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