Son, Dog and Amulets

My youngest son is safe and happy in Denmark and we have the dog back home after his operation to remove the saliva glands on one side.

He looks quite gruesome! So I wont be posting a picture of him. As well as a large shaved area around and under his neck and chin – for some reason the top of his head on one side has been shaved – around his ear – and above one eye – most strange – he look very vulnerable with a partially shaved head.

Apart from all the swelling and stitches he seems OK in himself – and he still searches the floor for every crumb of food that might have dropped by accident!

So as I was dog sitting to-day – to make sure that he did not scratch the stitches out – I was able to get on a bit in the studio with “Standing Stones”.


There is a lot more stitching by hand in quite thick silk and also I have made an amulet for the top corner. I have made amulets for some years now (see my website amulet page here
and here)


This little talisman necklace is made from slate wrapped with wire, with beads of coral, turquoise and lapis – interspersed with random coloured glass beads.

I don’t know what I think of this piece yet – although I really enjoyed working with it to-day!

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