Ho Hum

Picture so far ……..

Lots of faffing about this afternoon placing fabrics and papers on the piece; and taking them off again ….. on and off ……. on and off ……..

This is where I have got to now. Layers of fabrics and papers for the “sea” at the bottom.
Layers or sheers, organza’s and some tissue paper at the top.

There is supposed to be a boat sailing away in the middle – but when I cut out a paper template and placed it in position – I didn’t like it. The sea and sky overpowered it.

So I am having to have a re-think about the design. Meanwhile I still have the original design in my head.

I think in preparing this background – I strayed away from my original design – which was quite ethereal – and have done a more literal sea scape – sort of on automatic pilot – and now I don’t know where to take it!

Anyway – no studio time tomorrow – and I must tend the veg garden on Sunday – so that will give me lots of thinking time to resolve the design and process.

Oh ….. my piece “Sacred Mysteries” has been accepted for hanging at the open art competition, so I am pleased about that.

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