New Picture Started

Guess what? ….. it rained today! Got completely washed out gardening this morning – and was not very settled in the studio this afternoon.

However I have made a start on a new piece – and got a working title for it – currently “Beyond the Stars”

It is based on a section of Sacred Mysteries – the sailing boat section.

The background is a rough sunset/water painted onto vylene – I always rough out the background colours – even though they wont show in the finished piece as it gives me a starting point for the fabric, papers and stitching – and it is far easier to make a first stitch into colour than untouched white – rather like its hard (sometimes) to draw on the first page of a new sketchbook – I always start a couple of pages into the book.

Starting the layers

For the sea I wanted words in the background. I have transferred a letter onto tissue paper which I have ripped up and placed on the background.

Building up the fabric layers

I am now starting to build up the fabric layers of the sea – that’s all I had time for today – but when I next get time in the studio – hopefully tomorrow – I will continue to build up the fabric layers in the sky. At this point they are only pinned down – Giving scope for tweaking when all the fabrics are in place, prior to stitching

One thought on “New Picture Started

  1. karen I like your description of your processes. I’ll be interested to see how long this new piece of work takes. The idea of having parts of a letter as background is very interesting. I hope you get lots of positive comments. I have a link to your blog on my links bar so I can have an easy quick look every few days.

    an admirer of your work

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