What’s in a Name?

The naming of a piece of work is always something I find thought provoking and interesting.

Sometimes the name comes first – I will hear or read a phrase and immediately it invokes the idea of a piece of art. Other times – as in this case – I was working to a brief “In a country churchyard” and the name of the piece is still undecided.

While working on the big piece – in my mind I was calling it “Fabric of Life” – however I like this title so much that I really want to do a series of work with this title – or use it as the theme for an exhibition.

I have been toying with variations on journeys and songs – as the piece has a “journey line” in it – which is a theme I enjoy but nothing I thought about was really right.

Friends came around this evening to have a look at the art before I submit it for selection tomorrow. We were all playing with thoughts and ideas – what the piece was saying to us as individuals. Trying to find the appropriate name.

One of the group said “Sacred Mysteries” and I knew that was right – Again for me it is an internal click – I suppose like putting in the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle; Click the jigsaw is finished; Click the piece is named “Sacred Mysteries”. The title says everything I want the piece to express, and I am happy.

The Gift for a Friend
This piece is now finished, and it is called “The Gift” (Size 20cm x 20cm)
below is the finished piece, and some details.


The embroidery has been mounted onto a board which has been covered with a copy of the service sheet. I have aged this by washing it over with a wet tea bag. Then when this was dry I washed it over with a mix of Gesso and Parchment colored acrylic paint.

Detail showing ExtravOrganza scroll

The scroll was made by printing a quotation onto ExtravOrganza with an inkjet printer.

Detail showing the service sheet background
(in Welsh)

3 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. karen , 20cm * 20cm ? Most of us reading your blog I suspect are from home ( the US) and are not familar with the European or Wales way of measuring things. Could you think about about the normal inches measurements as well, please? For readers 20 by 20cm is about 8 inches by 8 -quite a small piece. Charming.

    Many thanks

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