5 thoughts on “The complete picture

  1. The complete picture is amazing in the flesh. Im glad it is finished. The sun came out all day today.
    I like the present for your cousin. Fancy a swim Sunday.
    Love P

  2. good to see it all. excellent piece. Minor compliments to your photographer who does your work justice.

    an admirer of your work

  3. Gee this is great. Cool. You folk from WALES in England have wonderful celtic traditions of being artistic. These would make great elements of a quilt. We are much into quilting on this side of the pond. Hope you might incorporate some Welsh words in future pieces.

    a non embroiderer

  4. Hi Karen, great to talk. I love the piece. Wonderful colours and a great progression across the work. I think the journey line sings. Linda

  5. Wales is Wales – however it is part of the United Kingdom which is;-

    “The United Kingdom (UK) is the nation state consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

    And this is where I live in Wales, United Kingdom.

    Thank you all for your kind comments about the work – art has no borders


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