Diary of a Piece – Planning the design


I was pleased with techniques I used in my last piece of work, and want to develop them in my next. So I have decided to do a piece and submit it into an open art exhibition – submissions due on the 16th July – 2 weeks today – no pressure there then (lol).

It is always interesting submitting a “textile” piece into an “art” exhibition – although easier than it was years ago – there is still the eternal debate between “art” and “craft”.

The exhibition brief is “In a country Churchyard” – which appealed to me as I have been wanting to do a piece about my local church yard – which I really like. I spent a day there last week with sketchbook and camera. My way of working is not a literal translation of what I see – but concepts and feelings. So the thoughts behind my piece will be around ancestors, life’s journey, (cradle to grave), elements.

I want to do the piece on layers of tissue paper – the way it disintegrates is part of the process.

In an earlier sketchbook I had a “journey” design which I wanted to incorporate in this bigger piece. (Canvass size 30cm x 90cm)

I also want to include one of the angels!

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